We partner with entrepreneurs, physicians, and management teams to advance healthcare products, services, and technologies that address unmet medical needs. We provide expertise and capital resources to assist in achieving growth objectives. We invest in healthcare companies at a stage in their development where an infusion of capital and strategic assistance will significantly enhance value.

Our Culture

We are partners in every sense of the word. How we invest in and interact with our partners reflects our history and years of experience in building lasting partnerships. Our approach emphasizes equal footing, honest hard work, customer service, and market focus. We stress open and frequent communication and we take great pride in the relationships and businesses we build with our partners.

Our Investments

MedVenture Health makes investment decisions driven by fundamental assessment of market, technology, intellectual property, regulatory, and commercial risks. Capitalizing on our investment team’s broad skillset, we invest across the life sciences, including seed and venture financings of development-stage companies, structured debt and royalty deals, and buyouts of developing companies.

Our Approach

MedVenture Health takes an active approach to investing, working closely with portfolio companies to help them become value-building enterprises with multiple opportunities for exit. Our investment professionals collaborate with management teams, contribute expertise, and provide support to execute strategy, identify and evaluate business opportunities, and address financial needs.